We’re in the middle of another hot Phoenix summer, though you probably didn’t need us to tell you that. One of the most important parts of surviving the heat we get here is a working air conditioner. To ensure it works properly throughout the summer, it’s important to catch warning signs of a failing system. With that in mind, we’ve gathered some of the signs you should be on the lookout for to know when your air conditioner needs to be repaired. If any of these sound familiar to you, call Integrity AC and Heating to schedule an appointment and get your system back in fighting shape.

Lack of Cold Air

When you turn on your air conditioning, there’s one thing you’re hoping for — a nice, cool breeze. If you aren’t getting cold air out of your system, it’s likely the sign of a bigger problem. This could mean that your air conditioner’s compressor has gone out and needs to be fixed or replaced. Another possibility could be that the air conditioner doesn’t have enough Freon to cool the air, which may be due to a coolant leak.

Poor Air Flow

Maybe your system is putting out cold air, but it isn’t traveling through your house the way it should. Or maybe the air flow you feel coming from the vents seems to be weaker than it used to be. This would be another side effect of a failing compressor, but there could be other causes. It might be due to an issue within your ducts, be it blockage from debris or leaks that have opened up. While it could be that the compressor needs to be repaired or replaced, it might be as simple as getting your ducts cleaned. Not only will that improve air flow, it will also improve indoor air quality.

Erratic Temperature

Have you been walking through your house, only to notice a big disparity in temperature depending on what room you’re in? This is most often an issue with your thermostat that could be caused by a variety of problems. First and foremost is the placement of your thermostat. One of the ways that it moderates temperature and air conditioner usage is through temperature readings. If your thermostat is placed in an area of your house with heat-producing appliances (i.e. ovens, stoves, clothes dryers, etc.), it will throw off the temperature readings, causing it to overcompensate in an attempt to reach the temperature setting you have set. It might also simply need to be replaced, as some older thermostats are unable to be as accurate as newer models.

Moisture or Leakage

Any signs of water or other liquid where it shouldn’t be are signs of problems. A leak from your air conditioner can typically be attributed to one of two issues. The first, and most dangerous, of those issues is a refrigerant leak. If your system is leaking refrigerant, it is a serious health risk to your family and your pets, and it should not be ignored. If it is a pool of water near your air conditioner, it may be due to the drain tube (which disposes of air conditioner condensation) might be blocked or broken. While it isn’t as serious as a refrigerant leak, it still should be handled promptly to avoid future issues like mold.

Weird Sounds

If you’re hearing squealing, grating or grinding sounds coming from your air conditioner, it might be a sign you need to replace your system. Those sounds are typically caused by some sort of damage within the system which if you don’t get addressed quickly, can result in a costly replacement. A squealing sounds usually means that the belt has slipped out of place. This might also be a sign that a metal part within the air conditioner needs to be lubricated to resume its operation. Grinding noises might mean that the bearings inside the system’s motor may have failed.

Odd Smells

A working air conditioner shouldn’t put out any smell, so if something foul or pungent is emanating from your air vents, it usually means the wire insulation inside your air conditioner has burned out. If it’s a more musty smell, it is a sign that there is either mold inside your ducts or air conditioner itself and should be addressed immediately to avoid serious health risks.

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Air conditioning is a necessity of life in Phoenix, so a broken system is not a situation to be taken lightly. You can avoid many of these issues with regular preventative HVAC maintenance, as an HVAC professional will be able to catch these problems before they get out of hand in their normal inspections. Whether you would like to have preventative maintenance done or you recognize one of these signs from your own system, Integrity AC and Heating is here to help. Call us today to schedule an inspection and guarantee a cool and comfortable summer for your home.