Is your air conditioning system acting up? If you’re trying to do some initial troubleshooting before calling HVAC contractors for help, here’s what you need to know about some of the most common problems found with air conditioning units.

Clogged Filters

When we respond to service calls, we see this all the time: The air conditioning filters haven’t been changed in ages. They’re clogged with dirt, and even though the unit is working hard, the house just isn’t getting enough cool air. What’s more, dirty filters pollute the home’s internal air. This problem is easy to remedy; it’s just a matter of taking out the old, dirty filters and putting in brand new ones.

Problems With The Electric Controls

Sometimes electronics need maintenance. In an A/C unit, the electric controls can wear out. With an air conditioning system constantly turning on and off, several times a day, from one week to the next, it’s not unusual for electronic parts to burn out or reach the end of their lifespan and need to be replaced. What’s more, wires can corrode, and may also need replacing. The good news here is that your whole system doesn’t need replacing — only a few electronic parts do. Unless the unit is old and parts are hard to find, or the wires are so corroded that it’s time-intensive to replace all of them, an AC repair appointment to fix the electronic controls is typically brief and inexpensive.

The Thermostat Is In The Wrong Spot

If the thermostat to your central air conditioning system is located in the wrong spot, your home won’t be cooled as efficiently as you’d like. If the temperature your thermostat senses does not adequately reflect the temperature throughout your house, your A/C system could be working too hard, or not enough. For example, if the thermostat is in direct sun most of the day, your system may think it’s hotter in your house than it really is. Also, having the thermostat too close to your entertainment center or computer (which are notorious for producing excessive amounts of heat) can also cause the unit to register the incorrect temperature.

Sensor Issues

Similar to problems with electronic controls, sensor issues cause the system to over-cycle or not come on when it’s supposed to. Sensors can sometimes get knocked out of place, making your system operate erratically.

Refrigerant Leaks

This is actually a fairly common problem that our technicians see. The refrigerant charge needs to match the manufacturer’s specifications in order for your air conditioner to perform optimally. HVAC contractors can address any refrigerant leaks so that the charge is just right — not overcharged, and not undercharged. What’s more, any refrigerant leaks are not good for the environment. This is a problem that should be taken care of right away.

A Fan Has Stopped Working

Our air conditioning service technicians sometimes have to replace fans that have stopped working. Fans that aren’t working can be responsible for everything from the unit overheating, to air not flowing through the house.

Drainage Issues

Air conditioning systems produce moisture, and this moisture needs to drain properly, otherwise you’ll have problematic puddles. Especially when it’s humid outside during our monsoon seasons, moisture can form, and it needs to drain away.

For Quality Air Conditioning Service, Contact Integrity Air Conditioning And Heating

These are just some of the problems common to air conditioning systems. Additional issues may arise. To avoid them, it’s best to schedule routine maintenance and service appointments, because prevention is less disruptive than repair or replacement!

Integrity Air Conditioning And Heating has been taking care of the community’s heating and cooling needs since 1991. As full-service HVAC contractors, we can maintain, repair, or replace any type of system found in the greater Phoenix area. We can also perform a ductwork analysis to determine if your system of ducts is working properly for you. Faulty ductwork can be modified, insulated, or replaced, or we can see if there’s another better solution for your specific case.

If you need any type of air conditioning service, contact the experts at Integrity Air Conditioning And Heating. Whether it’s maintenance, repair, or a new air conditioning installation, we’ll handle the job professionally and courteously. Contact us today!