There’s nothing worse than your air conditioner going out on a hot day. With the days in Phoenix being hotter than not, you’re likely on constant guard for that possibility. However, not every situation requires a call to an air conditioning professional. With that in mind, we’ve gathered some steps to take prior to calling an HVAC company. If, after you’ve followed these steps, your AC still isn’t working, call Integrity AC and Heating to get it back up and running. With that out of the way, let’s see what you should do before you call an AC company.

-Check the Thermostat and Circuit Breaker

If your air conditioner doesn’t seem to be receiving any power no matter how many times you try, it could be something as simple as a tripped breaker. Checking your circuit breaker can be an easy fix to the situation. If that doesn’t work, check your thermostat. It should be set in cool and auto modes. Change the temperature of the thermostat five degrees below what it is currently reading and listen to hear if your system kicks on after that.

-Condensation Drain Issues

If the thermostat is on, the batteries are fresh, there are no wiring issues, and the breakers were normal, it’s a good idea to check the indoor air handler for signs of pooling water. All air conditioning systems have a built-in safety that shuts the system down if water overflows the condensate pan. What happens is, condensation from the evaporator coil drips into the condensate pan and funnels through a drain tube. If that drain gets clogged, the pan will fill up with water, activating a float switch that shuts off the air conditioner.

-Air Filter

If your air conditioner is repeatedly turning on and off rapidly, your air filter is likely clogged. It is recommended you check your air filter once a month, and change or clean it to prevent clogging. When an air filter is clogged, it can cause damage to the blower motor, increase your energy bills by up to 15 percent a month, and severely reduce your air conditioner’s lifespan.

-Rattling Air Ducts

A common complaint we hear often is that temperatures are uneven from room to room, or at its worst, no airflow at all from one or more of the vents. More often than not, this issue is accompanied by rattling or clamoring noises emanating from the vents. This is usually a sign of loose, disconnected, or dirty air ducts. While they are not technically a component of your air conditioner, air ducts are the mode of conveyance for cooled air throughout your home and are absolutely vital to the cooling efficiency and comfort of your home.

-Inspect the Outdoor Unit

The last area of your AC system you should check before you make a service call is the outside unit. Make sure there is no debris or other obstacles blocking the unit’s airflow. Check the condenser coil to ensure it is not covered with dirt or debris, which can prevent its ability to release heat. When a condenser coil is unable to release heat-energy, the system’s cooling power is severely degraded.

Contact Integrity AC and Heating Phoenix

While these steps may not solve your problem, they can help you properly explain what is going on with your air conditioning system if you do call in an HVAC professional. Armed with an understanding of how your system works can help you prevent costly repairs. If you’re in need of HVAC service in the Phoenix area, call us at Integrity AC and Heating. Our HVAC gurus will be more than happy to help you get the comfortable home of your dreams. We hope to hear from you soon!