While you may think you know how to take care of your HVAC system, if you’re a pet owner, there may be things you’ve overlooked. Today, we’re going to take a look at some HVAC maintenance tips for pet owners, so you can be sure your system is working well no matter what season it is. If you want to ensure your HVAC system is working as well as it possibly can, you need an HVAC professional to inspect it. Instead of just searching for “HVAC service in Phoenix”, go with the HVAC gurus you can trust at Integrity AC and Heating.

5 HVAC Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners Infographic

1. Grooming

Whether you have a long-haired cat or a short-hair chihuahua, pets have a tendency to shed a lot of fur. When they shed, that hair goes airborne, along with a heaping helping of dander. With all that hair and dander in the air, it gets stuck in your ducts and can cause a lot of issues with your HVAC system. Groom your pet regularly to reduce the amount of airborne particles that could clog your system up. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America has stated that bathing your pet on a frequent basis can help to eliminate the microscopic pet dander, dust, and pollen that lead to pet allergies. Another good thing to do is vacuum often to clear out hair and particles in the carpet, which can get kicked up and into the air system.

2. Air Filters

One of the most important pieces to any HVAC system is the air filter. It’s hard to say exactly when you should clean or replace your filter, because it all depends on the size of your system, how much use it gets, and a variety of other factors. This is especially true for pet owners, because the aforementioned pet hair and dander can clog up air filters faster than households without pets. At a minimum, it’s a good idea to at least check your air filters at least once a month to ensure they aren’t clogged or too dirty for air to effectively pass through.

3. HEPA Filter

While you’re checking out your air filters, consider upgrading to a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter. Some pet owners, especially if they have allergies, have found standard air filters to be a bit lacking. A HEPA air filter can reduce the allergens in your home by up to 99.7 percent. It does this by trapping the microscopic dander in the air within the filter, which prevents it from re-entering the air when your HVAC system is operating. Not only will this be a drastic improvement to your home’s indoor air quality, it will also reduce the amount of strain your HVAC system is placed under. When you can reduce strain on your system, you extend its expected lifespan and avoid needing an expensive replacement.

4. Condenser Safety

While most of these tips have been focused on the inside of your house, HVAC systems also have components on the outside of your house that need to be accounted for. Not only can pet urine corrode the fins within your air conditioner’s condenser, the moving parts within pose a danger to your furry friend. Train them to stay away from the condenser, especially when relieving themselves outside. If they have trouble steering clear of this area, think about building a small fence or creating a wall of dense shrubbery around the condenser to prevent them from getting close. If you do choose to use shrubbery or other plants, it’s important you give the condenser at least three feet of space. Also, make sure any exposed wiring is enclosed to avoid electrical hazards caused by claws or teeth.

5. Routine Maintenance

For homes with and without pets alike, routine HVAC maintenance is vital to keeping your system working optimally. Most HVAC professionals recommend an inspection before summer and winter, to ensure your system is ready to handle the increased workload they’ll be taking on. Not only will routine maintenance ensure everything works, the inspection will give an HVAC professional a chance to check for any issues and fix them before they get worse. This will help you avoid costly system malfunctions and repairs. When regular maintenance is ignored, you won’t get the performance out of your system you’re looking for, and damaged parts can cause further damage, requiring repair or complete system replacement. It’s just not worth ignoring.

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Being a pet owner is one of the most wonderful, fulfilling things we can do. However, it takes a lot of work and adds many different factors to situations you might not have considered previously. Hopefully, you’ve found this to be a helpful resource to keep your HVAC system working and your whole family, puppies and kittens included, happy. If you need HVAC service here in Phoenix, call Integrity AC and Heating to schedule an appointment today!