A ductwork analysis conducted by reputable HVAC contractors in the Phoenix area will help you determine if you’re losing money every year by paying energy bills that could be significantly lower. Here’s what an analysis can do for you.

Pinpoint Leaks In The Ductwork

Leaky ducts are not uncommon, but they do cost you money since they let both air conditioned and heated air escape, which means you end up paying a lot more for your home’s or business’s energy usage than you should. Any ductwork that’s out of date, that was improperly installed, or that has been damaged in some way may be leaking out cooled or heated air, decreasing the comfort level in the rooms where you’re trying to control the climate, and increasing your energy costs unnecessarily.

Find System Errors

In the majority of cases, we feel that ductwork was built and installed properly from the start, but in some cases, it unfortunately wasn’t. There could be significant design or installation errors built into your property’s ductwork. A thorough analysis will determine if replacing sections of the ductwork in your HVAC system would significantly increase your energy efficiency.

Locate Areas That Need Improvement & Determine The Best Course Of Action

Once the areas that need improvement have been pinpointed and the overall efficiency of your HVAC system analyzed, the best course of action can be determined, and specific HVAC services can be recommended. It may be that duct insulation is the answer, or some of the ducts need to be re-routed or replaced. Options exist, and reputable HVAC contractors can help you.

Give Integrity Air Conditioning And Heating A Call Today

Our ductwork analysis is designed to find any leaks or errors in your ductwork system so they can be addressed and your energy efficiency improved. We find that most of our customers in the Phoenix area appreciate our analysis and the cost savings we can provide through duct insulation, replacement, or repair, when needed.

If you find that your heating or cooling bills are too high, your home temperature isn’t where you want it to be, or you suspect that there’s a problem with the ductwork in your business or home, give Integrity Air Conditioning And Heating a call today. We can schedule a ductwork analysis for you anywhere in the greater Phoenix area. Contact us to schedule your appointment!