Here in the Phoenix region, there’s a fairly straightforward and affordable way to lower your energy costs by increasing your home’s or building’s energy efficiency. It’s called duct insulation, and it prevents heated or air-conditioned air from escaping through leaky ducts. Read more about what duct insulation can do for you here in Arizona.

Leakage Is More Common Than You Think

We’ve all heard of leaky attics or leaky windows that let our heated or cooled air escape through cracks in the wood or stucco, but leaky ducts — is that really a thing? Believe it or not, it is. Ducts have joints and overlapping sections, and if these don’t meet up properly, gaps exist, and leaks happen.

Designing and installing ductwork isn’t a precise science. While builders generally do a good job of installing ducts, very often gaps do form, and leakages become a commonplace but silent problem. Even if gaps don’t exist, the ductwork metal itself radiates some of the controlled air out, creating another form of leakage. All this translates to you losing money, because a significant percentage of the indoor air that you’re paying money for to heat or to cool is being lost through your ductwork.

How Duct Insulation Works

To prevent your air-conditioned or heated air from escaping through your ducts, consider duct insulation. But how does this work?

Qualified HVAC contractors can analyze your duct system to determine where leaks exist. You can make an appointment for ductwork analysis to be done, or you can talk to your HVAC technician about duct insulation during your next HVAC maintenance appointment.

Basically, duct insulation involves covering the outside of your home’s ducts or airflow tubing with an insulating material to keep air flowing through your ducts or tubes instead of escaping into the walls or attic space and being lost to the outside. It’s a fairly straightforward job when handled by professional HVAC contractors who know what they’re doing. And it’s an affordable solution for homeowners, renters, and business owners, increasing your energy efficiency and lowering your monthly utility bills.

The Benefits You’ll Enjoy

In short, with duct insulation you’ll enjoy these benefits:

  • A more energy-efficient home (or business)
  • A more comfortable indoor environment
  • Lower energy bills
  • Often, a quieter A/C or heating experience

At Integrity Air Conditioning And Heating, we use R-8 duct insulation, which we find works best in our desert climate here in the greater Phoenix, Arizona, area. The industry recommendation is R-6 or better; by going with R-8, we’re well above the standard recommendations.

Get A Ductwork Analysis Today!

If you suspect that your ducts are leaking, schedule your ductwork analysis today. Signs of leaking include (but are not limited to) energy bills that are higher than expected, or uneven temperature control in your home or business, such as cold spots or hot spots. An analysis will reveal any flaws in your ductwork, including leakages that can be addressed through professional duct insulation.

Contact Integrity Air Conditioning And Heating in Phoenix to schedule your ductwork analysis today!