It’s all too easy to make mistakes when buying a new air conditioner that leave you with the wrong system, or paying too much for the right system.

Buying an air conditioner is a much bigger deal than most people realize. Not only are air conditioners expensive, but if you make a mistake that leads you to buy the wrong one, you could end up paying for it for the next 10 to 15 years in higher energy bills. In our last blog, our HVAC service experts went over a few common mistakes people make when buying new air conditioners. Here are a few more.

Mistake #5. You don’t pay any attention to the refrigerant.

When you buy a new air conditioner, always check to make sure that it utilizes the right kind of refrigerant. R-22 refrigerant, sometimes referred to by its brand name, Freon®, has been restricted from being used in all air conditioners made after 2009. R-22 refrigerant is an ozone-depleting gas, and it’s important to make sure that your system uses R-410A refrigerant or another approved option. Again, no new systems should use R-22 refrigerant, but it’s always a good idea to double check.

Mistake #6. Not matching your air conditioning components.

Air conditioning systems are made up of several components that work together to cool your home. The specific components of your system were designed to work together, and when you purchase a new, more efficient system, it’s essential that all of the new components match up perfectly with the existing components. Mismatching components can cause a lot of damage and lead to the need for costly repairs in the future. Ensuring that all of the components match up is important, and it’s yet another reason why it’s always in your best interest to get professional advice when you’re ready to buy a new air conditioner.

Mistake #7. You haven’t done your homework about your HVAC contractor.

Here at Integrity Air Conditioning and Heating, we understand that it’s not alway easy to find an HVAC contractor you can trust. In fact, the lack of integrity in the industry is what compelled us to found Integrity Air Conditioning and Heating in the first place! The fact of the matter is that not all HVAC contractors are made equal, and it’s essential to make sure you find the right one to help you buy and install your new air conditioner. As we mentioned earlier, you’ll have to live with your air conditioner for the next 10 to 15 years, so it’s important to hire a contractor who really has your best interests in mind — not just their bottom line.

Mistake #8. You fail to take advantage of maintenance agreements.

Regardless of how efficient the system you purchase may be, proper maintenance is essential for ensuring that it will keep running as efficiently as possible. Additionally, maintenance helps to extend the life of your air conditioner and helps you avoid repairs. In short, air conditioning maintenance saves money, and one of the best ways to ensure that your system gets the regular maintenance it needs is to take advantage of maintenance agreements, like the one we offer here at Integrity Air Conditioning and Heating.

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