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Everybody wants an HVAC system that’s reliable and runs smoothly and efficiently, without any unexpected interruptions. But not everyone is willing to invest time or energy into AC maintenance or heating services.

The good news is that you don’t have to tend to HVAC system maintenance jobs yourself! Let the specialists take care of them for you.

What’s helpful, though, is for homeowners and property managers to know what to pay attention to with regards to their heating and cooling systems so that maintenance can be taken care of promptly to avoid bigger issues.

Here are some of the things to look out for with your air conditioner or heating system; if you notice any of these, we urge you to reach out to your HVAC contractors right away to avoid costlier repairs or an outright breakdown of your system, something you definitely want to avoid here in Phoenix where temperatures can range from 122 degrees in the summer down to a chilly 16 degrees in the winter.

Filters Need Changing Often

This is perhaps the most neglected task of all! It’s a simple job, yet most people forget about it until their AC system is straining to do its job well and rooms just aren’t getting the cool air that family members are expecting.

And it’s not just homeowners who forget to change AC and heater filters; we see this happen in the commercial sector as well!

A filter has an important job. It traps the dirt, debris, and other pollutants you don’t want to be breathing in. Without a filter, all this dirt would be spread throughout your home or business, and nobody wants that!

Filters keep the air conditioned or heated air clean, thus keeping everyone inside healthier. If you have allergies or respiratory issues, or if any children, elderly individuals, or pets live in your home, clean air isn’t an option … it’s an absolute must.

The problem is that, when filters aren’t replaced as frequently as they need to be, the trapped dirt and debris can lead to health issues for you and anyone else who inhabits the premises. What’s more, this layer of dirt will make your HVAC equipment work harder than it needs to to keep all areas of the home or building properly climate-controlled.

When filters are clogged, the air can’t get through efficiently. What’s more, the filter may get so clogged that it can’t hold all of the pollutants, including lung irritants, allergens, bacteria, and viruses, in place; if they get dislodged and travel through your home or your place of business, it can lead to more colds, flus, and allergy symptoms.

For the health of your HVAC system AND your family, make sure that filters get replaced often so that they don’t clog up and create problems for you and for your heating and cooling equipment.

If Puddles Form, Call For Assistance

Your HVAC equipment is designed to work efficiently without negatively impacting the areas around it. So if you see puddles form around your heater or your air conditioner, this is not part of the normal operation of your system!

It’s true that pans are often put in place to collect any excess moisture or condensation that may form during normal operation of your AC or heating unit. However, water outside of this pan is not normal at all.

If you see puddles form around your HVAC equipment, inside of ducts, by intake or output vents, or anywhere else near your HVAC system, something’s not working correctly, and immediate attention is required to avoid your equipment malfunctioning altogether or other issues developing.

Water around electrical equipment is a hazard, as it can lead to short circuits and even fires. This water can also damage everything from flooring to nearby furnishings. To avoid costly expenses from water-related damage, have the issue of puddling taken care of right away.

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Unusual Noises

Designers of cooling and heating equipment are cognizant of noise levels, and they purposely incorporate features that are meant to keep the sound down when your equipment is running. If you suddenly hear unusual sounds associated with your HVAC system, it’s time to make that service call and get help.

What are some odd sounds you might hear that require the attention of a trained HVAC technician? These sounds may include:

  • A rattling sound when your equipment is running
  • Any unusual noises when your HVAC equipment first starts running or as it’s turning off
  • Loud bangs or pops
  • Any type of knocking, whether persistent or intermittent
  • Loud hums or wheezing sounds
  • Anything that sounds out of the ordinary

Strange sounds could mean that something has come loose, that a foreign object is blocking air flow, or any number of other possibilities. Instead of putting up with these weird noises or playing the “What could it be?” guessing game, contact your local HVAC contractors here in Phoenix to professionally diagnose the problem and take care of it for you.

A Spike In Your Energy Bill

If it has nothing to do with the utility company increasing your rates, or if your energy usage is about the same as it’s always been, then a sudden spike in your energy bill is a warning that something isn’t working right with your heating and cooling system.

HVAC service and maintenance can include an inspection to determine why your bill went up and why your system isn’t working efficiently. When your AC or heater is running at its highest efficiency, you and your loved ones will be more comfortable and you will enjoy lower energy bills.

Odd Smells

Your HVAC system should not be creating odd or unpleasant smells. If you detect any of the following from your heater or your air conditioner, please call your HVAC contractors in Phoenix right away:

  • Any burning or electrical smells
  • A musty or moldy odor
  • Oily smells
  • A sulfuric or “rotten eggs” odor (this could be a natural gas leak, which means you should evacuate your home right away)

A finely tuned, well-operating HVAC system will not be putting out unusual smells. If you detect any of the above, or any other odd odors, contact your HVAC contractors. If it’s a gas smell, leave your house first, then call a technician or alert your gas company.

Thermostat Problems

Your HVAC equipment may be working just fine, but if your thermostat is malfunctioning, you will not enjoy the quality indoor air you’re expecting. Get in touch with an HVAC specialist right away to get it fixed.

Another common thermostat problem is not knowing how to use it correctly. If this is you, don’t be embarrassed or alarmed; this situation is more common than you might think! Feel free to contact your HVAC contractors for assistance with learning how to use your thermostat correctly and make the most of all the features it offers.

Contact Integrity Air Conditioning And Heating For Help

If you notice anything unusual about your AC or heating system, contact Integrity for service and maintenance. We’ve been serving the greater Phoenix region since 1991, and our technicians receive the ongoing training they need to stay current with the newest models while being able to correctly service older models as well. For quality HVAC service here in Phoenix, contact Integrity today!