1. How to Beat the Heat While Saving Energy

    Fighting the summer heat doesn't have to leave you with higher energy bills. Here in Phoenix, you won't find anyone with their air conditioners off during the summer; it just gets too hot. In fact, just a few short days ago, we broke a heat record, and it was so hot that a few airlines had to cancel…Read More

  2. Preparing Your HVAC System for Summer

    Summer is almost here. Is your HVAC system ready? The first official day of summer is June 21, which makes now the perfect time to start preparing your HVAC system to cope with the heat ahead. For most people in Phoenix, summer also means higher energy bills, but with a little maintenance, you can h…Read More

  3. Signs That Your Air Conditioner Is Inefficient

    Is your air conditioner running efficiently? Here in Phoenix, we rely on our air conditioners most of the year. Because we rely so heavily on our air conditioners, it's incredibly important to ensure that your system is running efficiently. If your system is inefficient, you could be paying higher…Read More

  4. Common Duct Problems

    Don't let common duct problems prevent your HVAC system from being as efficient as it could be. Regardless of if you have a high-efficiency air conditioner or an old, outdated unit, if you have duct problems, it could hurt your system's efficiency. Ducts are probably one of the most overlooked parts…Read More

  5. Your Guide to Sizing Your AC

    When it comes to your air conditioner, size matters. When you're in the market for a new air conditioner, there are many things you'll need to think about, such as how efficient the system will be, how affordable it is, etc. But there's one thing that many customers overlook or get wrong when buying…Read More

  6. Welcome to Integrity Air Conditioning and Heating

    Need HVAC services in Phoenix? Look no further than Integrity Air Conditioning and Heating. Here in Phoenix, we use our air conditioners almost all year long. We depend on them to keep us cool, relaxed and comfortable in our homes and businesses, but all of that dependence can really add up and leav…Read More