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If you’ve had HVAC service and repairs done on your heating and cooling equipment here in Phoenix, AZ but your indoor air is still uncomfortable, the culprit could be your ducts. That’s why Integrity Air Conditioning And Heating offers a service called ductwork analysis.

In today’s blog, you’ll learn what this service is and how it can benefit you and your family, or you and your business, since this service is available for residential and commercial clients alike.

What Is A Ductwork Analysis?

Perhaps you’ve heard of it before. Or maybe it’s something brand new and unfamiliar to you. Whatever the case, we’d like to share what this analysis is, in terms of how we handle it at Integrity.

A ductwork analysis is an inspection conducted by professional HVAC technicians, followed by a comprehensive report and recommendations. During the inspection, your home’s or business’s ducts and vents will be checked for any issues, which may come in the form of leaks, gaps, holes, traps, and other flaws present that can degrade the property’s energy efficiency.

What The Analysis Can Discover

If your ductwork was designed improperly, then airflow may be hampered by any physical flaws that may be present. It’s also possible that the ductwork is old and outdated; if you’ve added rooms to your home but did not address the ductwork, these new areas may not be getting cooled or heated properly.

An analysis can also uncover areas that could benefit from duct insulation or other remedial efforts to rectify the situation and keep more climate controlled air from escaping. If your ductwork has holes or gaps, insulation can be an effective, affordable way of closing off those openings and keeping the air conditioned or heated air flowing to where you and your family need it most.

How Ductwork Improvements Can Help

Whatever your HVAC technicians end up recommending, know this: Ductwork improvements can benefit you in several ways. Here are some advantages you may enjoy after the proper ductwork repairs have been completed:

  • More comfortable and healthier indoor air
  • More efficient operation of your HVAC equipment
  • Greater energy efficiency in your home or business
  • Lower utility bills
  • Enough hot or cold air reaching renovated or outlying sections of your property

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