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Perfect your family’s comfort with a Lennox® heat pump in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s among the most precise and efficient systems you can purchase.

Since these machines work as a combined cooling and heating system, heat pumps are great for milder areas. When it’s hot out, a heat pump transfers the heat in your house outdoors. In the winter, it pulls outdoor heat inside your house.

Some models feature Precise Comfort® technology, using only the energy required to maintain your preferred comfort level. And most run quietly, due to SilentComfort™ technology, which produces comfort you are sure to feel, not hear.

Perfect your heat pump’s efficiency with a Lennox smart thermostat, whether you’re in your home or out in the world.

Compatible Lennox heat pumps can connect with an energy-saving Lennox gas furnace to create an effective dual-fuel heating system. The heat pump operates on gentler days, allowing you to save more on gas. The furnace heats your space on the chilliest days, producing maximum comfort for your family.

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Lennox Heat Pump Comparison Brochure

Lennox Heat Pump Comparison Guide

Lennox® heat pumps are engineered to provide precise, energy-efficient heating and cooling. So, no matter which heat pump you choose, you’ll enjoy perfect comfort through every season of the year. Click to download our current Lennox heat pump comparison guide.

3 Pros of a New Heat Pump Installation

Installing a modern heat pump brings a selection of perks, starting with:

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1. Improved comfort

Precise Comfort technology on available Lennox heat pumps keeps up your chosen comfort level without utilizing extra energy.

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2. Energy efficiency

Lennox heat pumps are industry trailblazers in energy efficiency, which may help you save money annually on heating and cooling costs. Some can link up with gas furnaces, making a dual-fuel system that can change between electricity and gas to help you save more.

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3. Smoother operation

A variety of models work at two stages, stopping loud noises at startup and allowing you to save more on energy costs. And SilentComfort options on some models help deliver comfort while minimizing operating sounds.

We’ll Help You Choose the Proper Heat Pump for Your House

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